PyCon 2020 has been cancelled. Read the announcement here (Updated March 20)

PyCon Pittsburgh. April 15-23, 2020.

The Art of Python

About Art of Python

Art of Python is a small arts festival cultivated within PyCon North America, organized by MNFChang and Kyle R. Conway.

The event this year will be roughly 2 hours, the evening of Friday, April 17th. The first half will be composed of five 5-15 minute performances. The second half will involve creative exercises to inspire and workshopping new pieces.


Please submit your proposals now through 20 February AoE! We welcome plays, dance, live music, mixed media performances, and more. You do not need to complete the work before submitting a proposal.

Why Art of Python

The first Art of Python took place last year and filled a void in the intersection of art and technology.

There are lots of performances and venues for code that creates art (such as No Signal here at PyCon). However, Art of Python is a venue for technologists to create creative works from their experience of working in technology.

Sumana Harihareswara (organizer)’s post on 2019’s Art of Python gives a very good synopsis of the inspiration behind our festival.

You can also read the perspective of one of the 2019 participants, MNFChang, in their blog post from last year, and in their announcement this year and their request for dances.

We also have provided a list of inspirations and our play creation guide!

Remember, the goal of this festival is to impart perspective about the emotional and challenging work of programming Python through the medium of entertainment.

Additional Notes

Call for proposals open: now till 20 February AoE
Acceptance and rejection notifications: 28 Februrary AoE
At least one Rehearsal video call or IRL workshop with Art of Python organizers and/or theater/poet mentors: TBD, Early to mid March
Schedule announcement: TBD, approximately End of March
Art of Python committee working with submitters (providing editing, feedback, logistics guidance): through April 15
Art of Python festival: evening of Friday, April 17, 2020 - Room 301-305, at PyCon